Corporate car rental Chisinau

Chisinau Corporate car rental is the process of renting a car for temporary use by a company. This type of service allows companies to rent vehicles they don’t have when they need it, so there’s no need to buy a car. Corporate car rental allows you to respond quickly to rapid changes in your vehicle needs and covers costs such as vehicle maintenance and insurance. In this way, companies get rid of the cost of owning a vehicle and only pay for the time they are used. Considering all these details, the company has many advantages if it can solve its vehicle needs with the car rental method. Every company needs a vehicle. But this need varies according to the work done. Especially for companies that have branches such as sales and marketing and do this with field workers, the number of vehicles is quite high. In these cases, company vehicles are rented, which has increased considerably in recent years. Chisinau corporate car rental services are easily available in the city or from companies nearby. A safe and comfortable car rental process will create critical performance for you and your employees. It is easy to identify the need for a large number of vehicles in the food and residential areas of the region, especially considering the development and increase of services and transportation in recent years.

Chişinău stands out for its geographical location and climate, as well as its food variety, but the most famous is the olive. Individual and institutional participation in this study, which attracts great attention in certain periods of the year, is quite high. Your company may have an initiative related to this business or you may want to take your guests to the olive harvest as a company. Alternatively, thermal hotels, which are in high demand in the region, can host your event. At events like this, you want to provide the best possible transportation for your guests or staff. In such cases, the best solution for you is to rent a company car. This is when you need a reliable car rental company with years of industry experience and a commitment to quality service. Rent a Car, which has three offices in Chisinau, takes care of your company’s car rental services and responds to your car rental needs everywhere.

Advantages of corporate car rental
Renting a company car has many advantages for you and your company. There are other main reasons why you need a vehicle. If it’s important to your business and you need an immediate solution then car rental is the best solution. You can easily find the vehicle you need for your business from our company, which can offer the best service among Chisinau car rental companies. The advantages offered by the company will go beyond renting a car and doing this. , takes into account the satisfaction and interest of its customers in every sector it serves. Some of the general advantages that can be obtained when renting a company vehicle are as follows. Apart from these, you can visit our offices and our website to rent a company vehicle by taking advantage of your company’s special advantages from time to time.

Main advantages of corporate car rental:

  • Cost savings: Enterprise car rental services are exempt from the cost of purchasing a car. In this way, companies pay only for the time they are used, avoiding the high cost of purchasing a vehicle.
  • Flexibility: Corporate car rental services provide rapid response to rapid changes in vehicle needs. For example, the company’s need for a vehicle increases temporarily, and in this case, it is possible to own a vehicle by renting it.
  • Maintenance and insurance expenses: Includes company car rental services, vehicle maintenance and insurance expenses. In this way, companies are not burdened with vehicle maintenance and insurance costs and they pay more than the rental price.
  • New vehicle use: Corporate car rental services usually include new vehicles. In this way, companies can always benefit from the latest car models and do not have to constantly update their vehicles.
  • Control: Enterprise car rental service, the control of the vehicle is in the hands of the companies during the rental period. In this way, businesses can use vehicles more efficiently by directing them according to their needs.

Corporate car rental prices

Chisinau car rental prices are determined according to the model, segment and features of the rented vehicle. In general, these are the determining factors for every car rental price. Based on these, the final price is determined according to the number of days and months to be rented. Since there may be different information in daily, monthly and annual rentals, there are situations that affect the price. There is also a difference between individual car rental and corporate car rental. When renting a private vehicle, a contract is usually signed for a single vehicle and transactions are made accordingly. However, corporate car rentals often involve more than one vehicle. Although this varies according to the needs of the company, many vehicles work in agreement. More details of this contract

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