Discover the historical heritage of Moldova

Moldova is a small country located in Central Eastern Europe and attracts attention with its historical wealth. There are many options for those who want to take a look at Historical Places of Moldova. One of the most famous places to visit in Moldova is the Victory Tower in the capital Chisinau. You can enjoy the magnificent view of the city by climbing to the top of this historic building.

In addition, medieval castles are also an important part of Moldova’s historical heritage. Castles such as Tighina Castle, Bender Castle and Soroca Castle offer a fascinating atmosphere with their solid structures bearing traces of the past.

For those who want to discover the cultural heritage of the Moldovan people, there are many museums and historical sites. The National Museum of History and Ethnography in the capital Chisinau is an ideal place to understand the history and culture of Moldova. In addition, the Hîncu Monastery, an ancient monastery, and the Stephen the Great Museum, an extraordinary museum, offer interesting experiences from a historical and cultural perspective.

Hidden Paradises of Moldova Full of Natural Beauty

Among the places to visit in Moldova, there are many places that stand out for their natural beauty. These paradises, which fascinate those who see them with their natural landscapes, are the hidden beauties of Moldova. Moldova is a destination that attracts the attention of tourists with its natural beauty, as well as its historical and cultural riches.
Among the historical places in Moldova, monasteries and castles are among the important structures that attract attention. However, in this article, we will focus on the natural beauties and hidden paradises of Moldova and talk about these areas that attract the attention of tourists.

Among the tourist places in Moldova, we can first list the Orheiul Vechi national park. Both natural and historical riches coexist in this area. In particular, the Raut River, one of the largest river canyons in Eastern Europe, and its historical ruins are the most important tourist attraction of this region. In addition, Saharna Monastery is one of the most famous monasteries in Moldova. The natural beauties around the monastery also attract the appreciation of visitors.

Try and discover the flavors of Moldovan cuisine

Moldova is a country famous both for its cultural richness and for its natural beauty. Offering many attractions for travelers, Moldova has many places to explore. However, in this blog post we will focus on the rich culinary culture of Moldova. Moldovan cuisine is a cuisine that has a deep-rooted history and brings together various flavors.

In addition to the historical places of Moldova, tourists can also taste the country’s local delicacies. While Moldovan cuisine carries the influences of Balkan, Russian and Romanian cuisines, it also has a unique character through the use of local ingredients.

One of the most popular flavors of Moldovan cuisine is “mititei”. These are meatballs prepared by kneading beef and lamb. Mititei, usually grilled, are frequently consumed at social events and family gatherings. Flavored with fresh herbs and spices, mititei is a reflection of Moldovan hospitable culture.


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